The beginning of COVID-19 scams

May 7 2020
Simone Caron, IFPC

COVID-19 has captured the attention of the world and unfortunately scammers are taking advantage of the fear, confusion and misinformation that is pumping through social media, news articles and search engines on a daily basis, making it harder than ever to decipher safe information.

We have put together a list of reliable and safe sources detailing the various scams that are circulating, allowing you to remain informed - simply sign up to our weekly newsletter to receive weekly updates on the latest scams and technology developed to fight against fraud.

One of the most popular scams are those claiming to sell the cure to the Corona Virus Experts have warned that there is no cure or vaccination for Coronavirus however, scammers are attempting to sell “cures' ' that range from colloidal silver to cow manure. Many people are finding themselves juggling extra responsibilities like childcare as well as worrying about the pandemic, making it easy for scammers to take advantage.

Many people feel comfort in keeping up to date with the CoronaVirus numbers in their area and many companies are working hard to develop apps allowing people an easy way to keep up to date. However, cyber criminals have taken advantage by creating apps and websites claiming to track Coronavirus numbers and instead install ransomware or screenlock attack, demanding monetary ransom to unlock the phone.

This national health disaster has brought people together- we all depend on each other to keep up social distancing and isolation which brings out people’s generous and charitable side. Cyber criminals are setting up websites for fraudulent charities, claiming to donate funds towards the fight against the pandemic.

We see it as our duty to keep you informed of these scams taking advantage of the vulnerable and overwhelmed. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.